I am back

Hey Guys, How are you doing? I am doing okay[ if anyone’s wondering]. I have been MIA for a couple of months now cause I wasn’t interested in writing or to be honest in doing anything. Life seemed a bit redundant, nothing new happening , same old news and my overall enthusiasm at its all time low. I had actually decided to not post at all cause what was the purpose of it. I wanted to create a space where people were open for honest content and it felt like I was stuck, going no where. I also tried to do a bit of Instagram content creation but I felt like I wasn’t posting anything unique or new. With the social media boom in the recent times, most of the things that you want to do is already done by someone else and to come up with something new is very difficult. I remember the times when Youtube wasn’t the fad and how I used to read on blogs about a particular makeup tutorial or a product review. Now don’t get me wrong Social Media has provided a platform for everyone and I know it is necessary to change with time but, I sometime feel like the old blogging days was fun, simple, to the point. 

So here I am today writing and asking you, what you want to read-I am open to anything [almost] cause writing makes me happy and I hope reading it will bring you the same happiness.

Till then take care, be happy 

xoxo [yes, I binge watched gossip girls]

Asmi Anokhi

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