Em Cosmetics True Gloss Volumizing Lip Gloss in Caramel Glaze  

Hey guys today I’m going to review Em Cosmetics True Gloss. My passion for makeup started because of Michelle Phan. Watching her YouTube tutorials I fell in love with the whole concept of Beauty. Therefore I was very excited to try out her products.

Lets get to the pros and cons


  • It is very light and comfortable on the lips
  • It is non sticky
  • It is pigmented-one swipe is enough 
  • It lasts for more than 3 hours 
  • It is hydrating
Caramel Glaze is a sheer warm brown



  • This particular shade Contains Carmine and is not vegan


Although I love this formula, I am disappointed as this particular shade is not vegan and has carmine, which is not mentioned on the same page but, is mentioned under FAQ’s. Hence I would rate it 3 and a half out of  5

Would I buy it? Maybe, other shades that doesn’t contain carmine and that are vegan

Would I recommend it? Yes


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Until next time take care, be happy and embrace the uniqueness in you. Bye 🙂


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