Best T.V Series?

Just when you see this name there’s a smile on your face. Six familiar face appears in your mind and you don’t need any introduction. With over 200 episodes covered in 10 seasons over a period of 10 years and more than millions of views on Youtube, we all still seem to remember each and every episode in detail. From Phoebe’s eccentric clothing to the message written on the white board of J-man and Channy’s door, we remember everything. But, why do we even want to watch it again when we literally have memorised each and every episode. Thats because we see Ross, Monica, Rachel, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey as if they are our F.R.I.E.N.D.S We laugh when they laugh, we cry when they cry [ Now don’t tell me you didn’t cry when Chandler proposed to Monica or when Rachel got off the Plane ]. How can we relate to a show which has been so realistic, from the second Rachel is pushed into the real world by Monica from being daddy’s girl to the Central Perk waitress and finally a Fashitsss…… as called by Joey. Similarly Chandler resigning from his “TRANSPONSTER” job to discover his passion, Ross getting divorce for the 3rd time or Phoebe finding a family and love in her friends, even though she’s been deprived of it throughout her life and finally meeting Mike, or Monica holding her babies in her arms and manages to not make them cry. These are some of the realities which we may have experienced in our lives or seen in our surroundings. We do not not just watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S because its entertaining, or that Rachel’s outfits are still trendy nor because of Joey’s flirting tips, but because it gives us a hope that no matter what everything will fall into place and in the end everything will be ALL RIGHT.

Life’s all about trying something new. Let me know if you guys liked this 🙂

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