Maybelline Brow Duo Shaper Review

Hey guys today I’m reviewing one of my most favourite brow product that is the Maybeline brow duo shaper in Brown. It has dual sides one is a pencil and the other one is a powder, so you can use it any way varying upon your interest

Lets get started


  • It looks natural, especially the powder part 
  • It stays for a long time
  • It is economical – Rs 300 for 0.61gm


  • There are less colour options in India [As far as I know only grey and brown are available]


If you want to define your brows you can use the pencil side and if you want to fill in sparse area you can use the powder side. All together its a beautiful product and i would rate it a 4 out of 5.

Would I buy it? Yes

Would I recommend it? Yes


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Until next time take care, be happy and embrace the uniqueness in you. Bye 🙂


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