Makeup Brush Cleaning 101

Hello Guys today I’m going to tell you Why you should clean your brushes and How to clean them.

Lets get started

Why should you clean your makeup brushes?

I know we all have busy lives and applying makeup and removing it itself is a big task but, trust me cleaning your brushes is very important. Not removing your makeup itself can cause breakouts so imagine what a dirty brush can do. 

The dirt and dust that makeup applicators accumulate

1] can cause breakouts and clogged pores 

2] Since it accumulates bacteria in worst case scenario it may cause skin Infection

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Don’t forget to gently squeeze out the water from the bristles and lay them flat to dry

How to clean your Makeup Brushes

Step 1 : You need some kind of silicone mould with ridges surface, something like this


Small Un-Branded ones are pretty cheap or you can use rubber hot water bag

Step 2 : You need a cleanser

These are a few alternatives you can choose from


1] Makeup Brush Cleaners

  There are products specifically designed to clean your brushes.Although they are a bit expensive when compared to other alternatives, they do not damage the brushes.

2] Soap

Any bar of soap except for detergent can do [because detergent can be way too harsh for the bristles]

3] Shampoo and Shower gel

 I personally use Johnson Baby shampoo and it does the job pretty neatly

If you cant seem to remove the makeup residue even after using the above mentioned alternatives, you can first dip it in some makeup remover and then use warm water to rinse off the brushes

If you don’t apply makeup on a regular basis,  you should clean your brushes at least once a month provided you store them in a dust free place and If apply makeup regularly I would suggest to clean your once a week



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