Hey guys today I’m going to review Nutri-Repair conditioner from YVES ROCHER. I am not a person who applies conditioner, I thought that it was an unnecessary step until I found this.
Lets get to the pros and cons:


1] It is silicone free
2] It is colorant free
3] It is paraben free
4] It contains Jojoba Oil [ It is great for moisturising the hair ]
5] It gives a beautiful layer of moisture [ Does not make hair oily at all ]
6] It avoids frizziness
7] Only a little quantity is required


1] It contains Alcohol

Apart from that this conditioner is a boon for dry hair like mine
It costs 475Rs for 150 ml
I would highly recommend this and would rate it a 4 and half out 5

I brought mine from shopper stop 🙂

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