My Morning Skin Care Routine

Hey guys today I’m going to share my Morning skin care routine with you. So lets get started…


Step 1: Face wash : Neutrogena deep clean foaming cleanser [Review]

IMG_20171125_092326[Buy here]
Step 2: Toner : Body shop Tea tree Oil [Review]


IMG_20171125_090932[Buy here]

Step 3: Moisturiser : Clinique Pep-Start Hydro Blur Moisturizer [Review]

IMG_20170916_082517[Buy here]

Step 4: Sunscreen : Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock [Review]

Picture_20170522_192241281[Buy here]

Step 5: Lip balm : Palmers Coco Butter Formula Lip Balm – Dark Chocolate & Cherry [Review]

IMG_20171125_090925[Buy here]


These are my steps that I follow religiously everyday. Do let me know your skin care routine would love to hear from you guys 🙂




Thanks for stopping by, so for more reviews and other beauty and fashion related stuffs follow me on my Instagram @asmi_anokhi. Well that’s all for now. Always remember that you are UNIQUE and BEAUTIFUL, trust yourself and enjoy your life to the fullest. Till next time take care I’ll see you soon BYEEE….

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