Body Shop Seaweed Deep Cleansing Gel Wash

Hey guys!! Today I’m going to review the “Body Shop SEAWEED Deep Cleansing Gel Wash”. This was the first ever body shop product that I tried. It has a gel texture.


I don’t have many things to say but here’s the pros and cons:


  • It leaves your face cleansed
  • It does not dry your skin excessively
  • It has refreshing smell
  • It is mild on the skin
  • It has a soap free formula
  • It removes light makeup
  • It contains seaweed [seaweed offers superior hydration as well as anti-inflammatory and anti-aging]



  • It is expensive [895 rupees for 125 ml]
  • It is not a miracle face wash [at least that is what I was hoping for the price it costs]
  • It claims to be for combination\oily skin types but it does makes my face oily again within a few hours

It is an average product, useful for combination and oily skin types in the winter season and dry and normal skin people can use it all year round. I would rate it a 3 out of 5.



Thanks for stopping by, so for more such reviews and other beauty related stuffs follow me on my Instagram @asmi_anokhi .Well that’s all for now. Always remember that you are UNIQUE and BEAUTIFUL, trust yourself and enjoy your life to the fullest. Till next time take care and I’ll see you soon BYEEE….



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