The Ultimate Summer Guide

Summers are good but not great and you know why its good, its because we or most of us get holidays,we can eat ice creams, drink tons of lemonades hang out with family and friends,  go on vacations and tons more fun. But do you know what’s the not so great part, the excessive exposure to sun which leads to sun tan and sun burn and dehydration cause its super hot. Hmm.. but that shouldn’t stop us from enjoying our vacations. Can it?

So here are a list of few steps to make your summers great


Now tell me who doesn’t know the importance of sunscreens. But don’t you think we still sometimes get lazy and forget to apply it. I mean its not only you I’ve also done it. Its really important to know that sunscreen not only helps you to retain your natural skin color but also protects you from the harmful UV rays which is a key role in promoting skin cancer.Now don’t get scared… anything excess is harmful. So try to avoid too much sun exposure from 12 in the noon to 4 pm that’s it.Now remember not only to apply sunscreen to your face but to all the sun exposed parts of your body.


Just as it is important to protect your skin it is very much important to protect your eyes from the harshness of the sun. For this we need to have a good pair of sunglasses to protect our eyes from the sun damage which causes cataract, temporary vision loss and etc. And make sure to invest in a good pair of sunglasses which are specifically meant to protect your eyes from UV rays.


Now do I have to tell the importance of water. Its the most important part of our lives. Consuming less amount of water especially in summer may cause dehydration. So make sure to carry a bottle of water whenever you go outside.


You might be wondering what’s wrong with me, everybody does bath everyday.But their might be people like me who are way too lazy to bath.Now trust me its super important to bath everyday or at least once in two days to avoid rashes,skin infections,bad odor etc.


Now if you are planning to go to the beach or just take roam around make sure you use a hat to protect your head from direct exposure to sun to prevent headache.Alternatively you can use an umbrella but hats are more comfortable.


Clothes are an important part of summer,cause wearing the right clothes can not only make you look great but also you will feel great.As much as possible try and wear light or pastel colored clothes.Go for fabrics like cotton,linen,rayon etc that will keep you easy breezy in summer.


Its super important to eat food that contains high content of water. Now I know its not fully possible to avoid spicy or fried food but as much as possible just reduce the amount of such food.Eat tons of veggies and fruits [I never eat it but I’ve kinda promised myself that i will] Hopefully you will too….

Well that’s all for now. Always remember that you are UNIQUE and BEAUTIFUL, trust yourself and enjoy your life to the fullest.Till next time take care and I’ll see you soon BYEEE..

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